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Dear friends

Reading is a pleasure. Reading opens our mind to new learning, new ideas and new perspectives. In this sense, reading is mostly about building the mindset of self-development and development.

“When you focus on a development mentality, then you embrace all those things which are threatened; Challenge, Conflict, Criticism and Failure When you embrace the hard stuff, you fully open yourself to realize your potential and all that you can be. Based on luck or “natural” talent, you focus on developing your skills and abilities and learning through your efforts.

“Mentality is an important part of your personality, but you can change them. Just knowing about the two mindset, you can start thinking and reacting in a new way.

I think no one will be unaware of the “ELLON MUSK” nowadays. Great personality of this era If we know about that guy, then we have to take a small flash-back about him. He was an ordinary boy who was tight with his classmates.
He did not has  any professional course and degree about rocket science, but he made his special rocket. With the help of bookstheory, it can be possible due to their reading skills. He is fond of the book.
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If we are talking about Elon Musk, then we can forget about SPACE-X and Tesla Motors (famous about the car without a driver).
SPACE-X is the largest private space agency that is managing by Elon Musk
The only man on earth who really wants to live for the Earth.
And CEO of TESLA Motors Company, if we are using PayPAL for Net Banking, then we can not forget the musk.
“It reads everything completely before the reaction,”



     “BUILD A GROWTH MINDSET  ”                                                           

                                                         -ANKIT YADAV

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One thought on “Home

  1. Priya Nirmal

    Ankit ,i thinks that is inclusion because very often we face that type of problem .
    i appreciates your ideas because you thought very relevant topic and heiglight by the help of your views …by these lines many person will encourage ..
    keep it up …all the best …

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